Synthetic monitoring alert on loading times /latency

We’v switched from Worldping to the synthetic monitoring, can anyone point me in the direction for some documentation how to configure an alert if the latency for an http check goes above a certain treshold ?

We have probe_duration_seconds metric which returns how long an execution of check took to complete in seconds.

It can be used for alerting on duration (this metric is available for all check types)

We also have:

  • probe_dns_duration_seconds for DNS check type
  • probe_http_duration_seconds for HTTP check type
  • probe_icmp_duration_seconds for Ping check type.

These metrics also have phase label which can be used to duration for each phase.


  • probe_duration_seconds > 10 - alert when any check is taking more then 10 seconds.
  • probe_http_duration_seconds{phase="tls"} > 0.1 - alert when http checks are taking more then 0.1 seconds in TLS phase.

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