How to avoid Grafana handling NULL values from Google BigQuery as 0

I have the doitintl BigQuery plugin (v2.0.2) installed for my Grafana instance (v8.2.7).

My SQL query is based on multiple tables and is joined with a full outer join on the timestamp column. Therefore, I have some null values returned for some of the other columns and they are shown as such in the GCP BigQuery Console.

However, when I run the query in my time series panel, those null values are treated as zeros, leading to an undesired graph.

Is there a way to avoid that behaviour in Grafana?

hmmm, not sure if we’ve fixed that bug, but Grafana forked that plugin and has taken over development:

it’s still in beta and not published, but you can build it from source…

Seems like it is fixed in the forked version (tested v0.1.10). Thanks!

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