On the graphs, points when there is no data are combined

I can’t understand why some graphs are merging data, let’s say the traffic is monitored, the device is not available and nothing should be on the graph at that time, but as a result, the data seems to be glued together, the “Null value” option is set to “Null”

yes, I face the same issue…
tried using null value = null and 0
none work for me

my workaround is to handle it in the query before giving the result to grafana
so if I see empty/null, I set it as 0 value
then when giving the result to grafana, it is a literal 0 value

Hi, do you take the value of their SQL DB too? I pull from the Zabbix base

I take the original value from SQL DB,
and evaluate the value, if it is empty/null, I set it as 0,
if not empty, then use the original value

I used COALESCE() function as I use Mysql

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