How to add another layer in Geomap?


Does anyone know how are we supposed to put another point on a map in geomap ?

I use grafana 8.2.5 don’t know if this could be a problem.

I see also that i have now this error :


What date range do you have on grafana date picker?

Also what do you see (please share screen shot unless sensitive) when you run this query in influxdb itself?

not sure if this is what you want but i don’t have geomap on influxdb

For the date i just try 30 days to see.

the plot thickens. why do you not have any data here but you have a message that says “too many data points” in grafana?

sorry i was using a wrong code here is what it is showing in influx db

And on the last 5 minutes in grafana ( still show only one point)

In influx you have last 1 hour andin grafana your time picker show last 5 minutes. So maybe that os all the data you have in last 5 minutes?

I can put last hour also in grafana so don’t know what is the problem.
But i think i m getting so much input from mqtt because sometime my machine with telegraf/influxdb/grafana become so slowly and crashing

This is what i receive every second

and this is a part of my code in telegraf

I try to use aggregateWindow but when i use it, it say “invalid: runtime error @8:6-8:62: aggregateWindow: column “_value” does not exist” but i have one because i can show 1 layer when i don’t use this line.

with aggregateWindow :

without :

So if anyone can help me

Ok i fix it, i was just not putting the line at the good place but still can’t show more points/layer on the map

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