Getting correct data points in GeoMap panel

  • Grafana version 8.1.2
  • Trying to display values on a GeoMap
  • Storing data in influxdb 1.8 with values and geohash
  • Not seing the actual values
  • Datapoints on the GeoMap should change in size/color according to value
  • Can you copy/paste the configuration(s) that you are having problems with? Maybe …
  • No errors display
  • No instructions found/followed

I store daily Covid-19 statiitsics for Greenland in an InfluxDB. I have

  • five counties
  • various different stages (new, active, recovered, deceased, hospitalized etc.)

I would like to be able to display a map with datapoints placed in the main cities and the size of the marker should reflect the latest dataset.

So far I’ve gotten Grafana to display the map and the geohash-marks, but not the actual value of the datapoint.

I’d be grateful for any pointers on how to proceed

As I could only attach to images this is the 3rd one showing the query part

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