Hello all,

I think i have some diffuculty in create quaries with influxdb when using Geomap. I have examined all the topic on this task, but i have not been successful. I will try to show the problem i have experienced in detail. I hope this topic will be useful for others

my structure likes ; opcua(simulator) → telegraf → influxdb → grafana

query on influxdb(only for example grafana query is difference) ;

I’m using geohash(string) for location mode

Grafana side ;

i have 2 query for different locations, and each location has 1 specific data

query 1 :
specific data is ST

query 2:

specific date is Temperature

if I do not add join by field transform data it does not work properly;

and if I add this transform data, I cannot select different data queries in different layers (such as query:A,query:B). I added transform data combines my queries ;

and as a result, when I go over location 1, it shows all the data in the query, although I only want to see the specific value belonging to it.

What I want to do is ;

if I go to location 1, only the “ST” value
If I go to location 2, I only want to see the “Temperature” value.