How to access grafana dashboard in another machine having different networks

Grafana version : 8.3.10
Operating System : Windows 10

I have pulled the grafana via docker and it is running as a docker a container in one windows machine.

I have grafana dashboard created in one windows machine and i want to access the same grafana dashboard on another windows machine.

I have made the IP address public, and i am able to ping the windows machine from another windows machine.
I have created Inbound and Outbound rules and enabled the connections.

When i try to call the grafana dashboard using http://{IP address}:3000 i am getting a timeout error Please help me to resolve the issue.

This is really a networking/docker issue. Is port 3000 open for access

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Thanks for replying. Port 3000 is open. It would of great help, If i can get to know what can be the possible issue with docker.

I use Zerotier to get access to my Grafana dashboards from different pc’s around the world. Works like a dream.

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Thanks a ton. It worked

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