Grafana dashboard not appearing, same host - different ip's

hi a have a grafana dashboard made using my local ip (192.168.20.x). When I open grafana with the zerotier network (192.168.200.x), it opens but the dashboard is not shown (nor selectable). Is this normal behaviour?
I’m using zerotier, grafana on influxdb as addons inside home-assistant.


I am not in the slightest familiar with “zerotier”, and I suspect your
question may well be more suited to a support list / forum for that, but just
in case we can help:

  1. Does this mean that the computer running Grafana has two IP addresses,
    192.168.20.x and 192.168.200x (by the way, there is no purpose in obfuscating
    RFC 1918 addresses - they’re of no use to anyone outside your own network)?

  2. What is the IP address of the machine you are trying to access Grafana

  3. Can you ping that address 192.168.200.x from the same machine you’re trying
    to view Grafana from?

  4. Finally, can you show the output of “netstat -lptn | grep graf” (as root)
    so we can check whether Grafana is listening only on one address or all?

PS: are we talking about ZeroTier - Wikipedia here?