How segregate tracing data base on environment in grafana cloud (tempo grafana)?

Hi folks!
I’m new in grafana and now exploring the feature of grafana cloud specially tracing (tempo grafana). I try to figure out from the documentation, but still not get any information. I want to separate tracing data based on environment, for example (dev and staging). How can I achieve it? Are you guys have the same case with me?

Thank you folk!

Set proper tags/attributes on the trace level and then filter based on that tag, e.g. env=dev

How about if I used differenet tempo data source for each environment? Am I able to do it? Since in long run I need to strict several user to access production data

That’s another level - isolation. It depends on your compliance requirements. For example financial companies have strict rules for env data separation (also on the business/deparment level, so it can be even more complicated).
Of course more resources means also higher cost. Everything has own pros&cons.

Agree, and base on my case I need to create difference data source for difference env. But do you know how to create new data source in grafana cloud? How to create new instance in grafana cloud and also the billing list of each instance?

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