How Do I Filter Away 2 Of These Gauges?

Hi, I have manage to created a visualization of 8 gauges as shown below.

Now, I want to drop the showing of 2 of these gauges. How do i do it?

I’m using Grafana 7.0.1 and my ElasticSearch backend is definitely configured correctly - my very reliable friend has done it.

Meanwhile, as u can see i tried to sort my gauges in ascending order but the “KNS” and “SIE” gauge is still not in order. This is my sort setting. How can i rectify it?

In the Transform tab you can create a Filter by name filter and uncheck the two series you’re not interested in.

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i think the Transform Tab is buggy. Can click the Select but no reaction

I tried to filter by name bef obtaining this error. Seems that only the first Transform - Reduce, is working proper.y

Hello i need assistance for this bug. Thanks

Just noticed you’re running 7.0.1, there was a problem with the transformations tab crashing which was fixed in 7.0.3. Could you try and see if it works after upgrading to 7.0.3?