How do I display the ip address of a zabbix host?

Hi guys !

I’m using Grafana with Zabbix, I have a dashboard with different panels that display hostname, server status, CPU etc…

I’d just like to add the IP address for each host, but it looks complicated for something so simple…

I tried to add “$ip” where I have my “$host” but it doesn’t exist, likewise I wanted to add a metrics, there’s nothing in network interfaces or general, I really can’t find how to do it…

Thanks in advance for your help !

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Hi @amarical!

Did you get any solution? I’m having the same problem.

Hi @rogerbloise !

I didn’t have time to solve my problem yet but I noticed that the ip address in zabbix is declared in “agent interface”.

So since Grafana is only retrieving information from zabbix via a plugin, maybe I need to use a template or an argument from grafana that I don’t know or find, I should also try Grafana v7 when I can, maybe there is a function that allows to do that easily.

Otherwise there is an alternative is to declare the host names by their IP instead of the name and add the host name below as text but that would mean that you would have to create a dashboard for each host it quickly becomes hell when you have a large infrastructure.

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