How can users with Viewer role can access the "Explore" tab on grafana without being able to edit dashboards in Grafana 10.0.1v

I am using Grafana 10.0.1 version.

  1. I want to provide users with viewers access to navigate and use “explore” tab.
    What are different ways to configure such settings in
  2. If user is given EDIT access then it should not be able to edit any dashboard.
    How can i configure that?

I tried to update enable explore setting in grafana.ini but surprisingly it downgrades to grafana 7v ( which is unexpected)

enabled = true

I have also tried below settings, but in this case as well grafana version changed to 7.

enable = viewers_can_edit

can_edit = true

Is there any other way which handles user’s role efficiently and fulfills my usecase?

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