How can I configure RED dashboard?


We’ve decide Tempo as our storage for Trace, and quiet happy with it.(comparing to Jaeger).
Currently, we need a RED metric dashboard, and the following dashboard looks great for us., wann

We saw this screen shot on THIS Blog, but haven’t found way to import it.

How can we import or configure this dashboard on our Grafana?

This dashboard is part of the intro-to-mlt demo. You can check out the repository here: GitHub - grafana/intro-to-mlt: Introduction to Metrics, Logs and Traces session companion code.

The dashboard itself is defined here: intro-to-mlt/mlt.json at main · grafana/intro-to-mlt · GitHub

To try it out locally, check out the repository. Run the docker-compose and you should be able to log in to Grafana on http://localhost:3000. (Username and password is admin.)

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