Tempo demo dashboard

Wish: could you create demo Tempo datasource/folder/dashboard(s) in https://play.grafana.org to showcase Tempo (brand new) features, please?

Maybe tracing of play.grafana.org can be a good demo case (or appfelstrudel.com, because it looks like Loki datasource has nginx logs from that web).

Thank you.

That’s a great suggestion!

I will look into getting the new search functionality setup on the Tempo datasource in the explore tab.

Just an update that I’m still working on this. There’s more moving parts to play.grafana.org then I realized :slight_smile:

Ok, so I’ve made some progress on this and recent traces search is now available in play.grafana.org:

As we flesh out service graphs and span metrics we can include those as well.


Thank you very much.

I wish to have also show case dashboards from other Grafana family members. For example K6 team doesn’t have anything there.