How can I change the tooltips shown?

I’d like to shorten the tooltips shown. The autogenerated ones from the graphite query are crazy long. I’m guessing there’s some regex I can apply…maybe?



Depending on what you want to show, you have several alias functions available in Graphite that you can use in your Grafana queries (

To see them in action, feel free to check the Grafana playground. For example, in this dashboard, you have usage examples of the aliasByNode function:

How would this work where my graphite query is more of a regex than a query?

My current query is something like{apt,fpx}-cc-{a,b}_from_mon01-{apt,fpx}.services.$InterfaceName.snmp-interface.perfdata.*{bps,discards,errors}.value which results in a long ugly legend/tooltip. Can I reference what the regex matches and treat those as nodes?

I’m looking at the alias functions for graphite, I’m unclear as to how the “serieslist” relates to the query.