Feature request: Edit $tag names (ie shorten or Alias a $tag for the graphs legend)

I would love to see grafana add the ability to modify the value returned by an influxDB $tag_xyz.

Like how we are able to use AliasSub() on Graphite metrics (ie to shorten a metric so that it looks cleaner in the legend or in tool tips)

Maybe this could be added as a Grafana Transform?

My Example use case: I have various graphs showing data with from vSphere VM’s Names- some of the VMs names are quite long. This becomes an issue in the graph legends or in the tool tips on mouseOver of graph lines.
(is a simple fix with graphite’s multiple Alias functions).

I do realize that this is a influxDB’s limitation (/fault) but grafana adding this functionality would be great and powerful!

(i have searched and seen the complicated work-a-rounds that involve additional mysql DBs , but im hoping for something easy and ideally with regex functionality).

(LOVE grafana!)

example (would love to be able to do a regex of /.*/-…/ to shorten this $tag_vmname );