Alias* functions with conjunction with wildcards does the data interpolation/modification

aliasByNode function shows some undesired/misleading black/“empty cells” and also introduces some out of different system values on timeseries and heatmap graphs
and Graphite datasource.

It suppose to display datapoints 0 , 0.5 and 1 but instead of it some times it displays other values and display with different colors in the dashboard.

I have tried is also try to use transform functions (precisely: “rename with regex”) with conjunction with wildcards – and that actually works… But its usage is not straightforward.

using alias with conjunction with any of wildcards (*) or selectors (eg. [0-9]) increases artificially the number of datapoints as well as makes our graphs rendering very slow!

any workarounds on avoiding undesired/misleading black/“empty cells and different system values on timeseries and heatmap graphs with Graphite datasource. ?

reg, workaround of using summarize function which leads to wrong output while using it with last parameter.
summarize( , ‘5m’, ‘last’, false) ,this also introduced some out of system values ,it should come only 0 and 1 but with summarize this look the same even if would remove alias* completely. while last normally should only use last value from the system, but it looks not. So as per attached screen, we need to get only 0 and 1 values but it displays other values as well. Please let me know if any workaround to remove/hide the values other than 0 and 1 values.