Templating for graphite- Alias query not working

We are using Graphite 0.9x as data source and and Grafana 4.6.3
We are collecting network interface performance data.
Problem is that Graphite does not support slashes and dots in interface names so instead of for example GigabitEthernet0/0/2.10 we get GigabitEthernet0-0-2_10.
In graphs we came around this problem using aliasSub function like this:
aliasSub(aliasSub(alias(scaleToSeconds(scale(nonNegativeDerivative(telegraf.$telegraf.$host_name.$Interface.interface.ifHCInOctets), 8), 1), ‘$Interface’), ‘-’, ‘/’), ‘_’, ‘.’)

But in template variables do not seems to work
I have tried various ways but none seems to give any results. I thing this should work but does not:
aliasSub(aliasSub( ‘telegraf.[[telegraf]].[[host_name]].*’, ‘-’, ‘/’), ‘_’, ‘.’)

telegraf.[[telegraf]].[[host_name]].* - returns interface names successfully.

graphite does not allow metric find queries to include functions

Perhaps you have some thoughts how I could achieve this character replacement? Perhaps it is possible to use regex?