"Hide In Area" Viz and Tooltip w/o greying out on Legend?


I’m using Grafana v8.0.6. I have a Time Series panel with some useful data. I have a query that sums them, as well as a query on a totally different scale, but is directly relevant. These last two I don’t want visualized, but I want them on the legend because they go hand-in-hand with a report generated off of that panel. I have Field Overrides for them to Hide In Area > Viz and Tooltip. When I do this, the text is greyed out in the legend. This makes it difficult to read, especially at a glance. Is there a way to work around this? I couldn’t find an Override that will counter the greying out. Color-related Value Mappings also have no effect. I really don’t want to separate them into a different panel. I need a way to put those two pieces of data on that panel, not visualize them, and have them the normal text color.

Edit: forgot to delete the rest of the template

I’m curious to learn more about this. Are you using Grafana Reporting?

No, but we probably should be. At present we have an internal report which requires many metrics, some of which comes from Grafana. I’m consolidating the entire thing using Prometheus into a single dashboard so that all of it can come from one place. It’s working well, so I’m going to look at transitioning the report to Grafana Reporting. At the moment, though, this issue isn’t crippling, it’s just annoying and kind of an eyesore.

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I’ll ask around and see if anyone has a workaround :+1:

Thank you, I appreciate the help!

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