Help with Timezone issues with elasticsearch daily index


I’m using Docker filebeat to store direct to Docker Elasticsearch (not via logstash). It’s working and I can see data being received in Kibana.

I am in timezone UTC+09

When the elasticsearch index is created, it is in the format filebeat-YYY.MM.DD - but in UTC

When I attempt to add the data source in Grafana, it can’t find today’s index filebeat-2020.05.28 - because in UTC, the date is still 2020.05.27 - the index filebeat-2020.05.27 exists.

Index filebeat-2020.05.28 won’t get created till 9 hours later :frowning:

I have tried adding the timezone to my Docker containers, date returns correctly…

docker exec filebeat date
Thu May 28 13:36:39 JST 2020

docker exec elk date
Thu May 28 13:36:39 JST 2020

But the issue persists, Elasticsearcn indexes are in UTC - Grafana looks up indexes by browser local time.

All data and Grafana queries are in UTC. Grafana just “moves” data to dashboard timezone only in your local browser. So you don’t need anything special.

It’s gotta be something between filebeat and elasticsearch, we are will into 2020.05.28 (even in UTC) now, but all the records in elasticsearch are still in the 2020.05.27 index.

My data coming via logstash is ok - but coming from filebeat direct to elasticsearch the index is from yesterday :frowning: