Help needed with Grafana Dashboard GUI

I am testing the possibility of using Grafana to create Dashboards for our online product, which are reports that the user can download. I am using grafana-9.1.5(community version).
I need assistance with the following:

  1. The Grafana dashboard is embedded in a react.js page. I don’t want to show the folder options marked as 1 and 2 in the image. If I use the kiosk mode, I loose the filters “Start Date” and “End Date”. Is it possible to use the kiosk mode and still have the filters?
  2. IS it possible to have a button to download the report. how do I do this?
  3. The labels and column header text is in blue, how do i change this colour to match my react.js css?
  4. Is it possible to have a calendar popup for date filters for “Start Date” and “End Date”?

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you