Grafana panels - a few questions

First, thanks for that great product.

I’m having a few issues:

  1. Table column filter: is there a way we can set it to behave more like a search instead of listing all the items? I’m asking because depending on the amount of rows it takes a long time in order for the list to load, it may lead to a memory crash or something.

  2. I have a time series configured with an interval of 1 day, it works, but for some reason the tooltip on mouseover shows a fixed time, is there a way to hide the time and show only the date?

  3. Layout looks broken on mobile, for some reason the date time selector on top appears just like on desktop, on the right side of the dashboard name… the window shows a horizontal scroll that I believe is not intended. Is there a way to fix it? Placing the date time selector below the dashboard name on mobile?

  4. Time series: the Legend values - such as min, max, avg, total, etc. - won’t consider the specified date time. Is it intended? In case it is, I think it may be causing a side-effect on the “Y-axis → Y-max” config: the “auto” seems to set a Y-max based on the total (which won’t consider the date time range), visually it does not make sense because you’ll only see data points related to a given date time range. Is there a way to configure Y-max auto, but considering plotted data points only?


#1 - I’ve reported this as a feature request on GitHub;

#2 - Still can’t find a way around that, I think it is possible, just don’t know how :frowning:

#3 - It seems like this has been fixed already, for a future release:

#4 - I’ve reported this as a bug on GitHub.