Guidance Needed - Exploring new reporting solutions, with API feed

Hi there!

This is a general enquiry about Grafana. Just want to ensure that this will be the right solution for our company before we dive in and become fully invested.

We are currently using Looker studio for our BI reporting. Due to the complexity of our data structures, we cannot feed the reports with flat tables anymore, the data is too heavy.

We wish to move to an API driven solution, whereby the filters / dashboard interactions are all fed by our own endpoints. One important thing to note, is that filtering capabilities are crucial. We need to be able to filter dynamically. This is the current struggle we have with Looker. The filters are static and solely linked to a single data-source. All the filters on the page must speak to one another and update each data-source independently, keeping the data light and aggregated.

  1. Our back-end will be written in python, for data manipulation and endpoints.
  2. We will be hosting locally on our servers.

Are there perhaps repositories available that will fit the criteria?
I have attached an example on one of our reports, containing different data elements.

Any recommendation, feedback will be highly appreciated!!

Thank you

Hi J,

As long as your data contains timestamps, when you change the date range filters on the dashboard, all the panels use that range. there are also dashboard and global variables that you can use in your queries, so that as your filters change, the data that is fetched also changes dynamically.

@jade69 We have a Business Intelligence YouTube playlist, which should cover most of your questions:

  1. How to create a BI dashboard.
  2. How to use Rest API to get the data.
  3. Variables and Filtering.