Help needed for creating dashboard in grfana

HI,i am a beginner
developing an air quality monitor project
i have a code for the project but i wan to connect and monitor my reading in grfana by creating dashboard using prometheus data source
so basically i want someone to help me for creating different dashboard in grafana for temp,press,humidity,c02 level using prometheus data source
if yes pls reply
help is really needed since i am just a beginner
to connect to the cloud i am using esp32
bme280,oled display and c02 sensor

If you want to help pls reply
so that i can send you the code/data source i have i have

waiting someone to reply :slight_smile:
pls i you want any more details you can ask about it
i have read some tutorial but unable to understand it .

This should be very straightforward. Can I ask why you have chosen to use Prometheus as your datasource (instead of say, InfluxDB or another database)?

Also, is your ESP32 and BME280 connected to a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or something else? Have you already planned out how you are going to “grab” the temperature, pressure, humidity and CO2 levels using these devices?

The esp 32 is wifi connected so it sends data
Why iam using Prometheus
Because the tutorial i am following in that the code is edited to configured it with prothemus and i am just a beginner so no that pro to edit the whole code on my own so iam following that tutorial for my project
If you want I can share the tutorial
You can find it own YouTube
Thanks for replying :relaxed:

Please provide the link to the tutorial that you are following.

The tutorial is on YouTube

Making An Indoor Air Quality Monitor With A DFRobot CO2 Sensor

Michael Klements

Here is the video link and here is the blog link.

A comment from Michael on the blog says “From my experience, it’s probably easier to go local with InfluxDB and Grafana. InfluxDB have pretty good documentation on installing it on a Raspberry Pi.”

Questions for you:

  1. Do you already have Prometheus set up and storing the metrics? If yes, where is Prometheus installed (e.g. Raspberry Pi?)
  2. If you have not already set up Prometheus, have you considered Influx Cloud and Grafana Cloud? Michael has a detailed blog post on setting that up for nearly the same purpose as above.

Sorry’to say i have zeros experience of grafana and Prometheus
I have created data source of Prometheus and added it into my code

The reason I am using Prometheus is because he had provided the project code using prometheus in his GitHub account
I don’t know how can I edit the code to configure it with influxdb
So that’s the reason I am using Prometheus

If you are a programmer pls i request you to edit the code to send the sensor reading in influxdb as he has show in his blog and it is easy than Prometheus
I am just a beginner
Please :pray:

If I followed his tutorial will it be easy for me to complete the project
I have added the data source of Prometheus in my code but don’t know how to create different dashboard in grafana using it

you have too many moving pieces in your stack for a beginner and it is preventing you from progressing in your journey of learning grafana.

Let us start with a simpler approach with the data type you are trying to use.

  1. Install the infinity plugin

After you install that plugin reply back.

Further to what @yosiasz wrote, here is an inspirational quote to get you started.

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Ok I will follow your steps

I needed to complete the project in amonth so the hardware Part (connectin with sensor and all has been completed)know the only thing left is to visualise the data
Will it be completed in less than one month if i follow your steps :pray::pray:

thanks for helping

me out
i have installed the infinty plugin

It depends on you really. It should not take you more than 1 hour max.

But since we are going back and forth in a forum it will take longer.

And it seems like you are in another part of planet earth :earth_asia:

Ok so I have installed plugin what to do next pls guide me bro

Bro will it be possible for you to join an online meet for helping me out?

I have installed the infinity plugin pls help me further