Display hardware info

Hi there

I would like to make a panel, which can get hardware info
It has CPU info and ram info
It’s there any way can do it?

Many thanks.

Hello @nicochang111011

I am sure what you want is possible, but more details will be needed.

  1. What is your datasource? (Prometheus, Postgres, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, Graphite, etc.)
  2. Are you currently using any agent (Telegraf, Grafana Agent, etc.) or other method to scrape your CPU, ram, etc.
  3. What is the OS on the computer being scraped? (Ubuntu, Windows, Raspberry Pi)? Or do you have a whole bank of computers that you want to scrape? Or are you wanting to scrape the computer where Grafana is currently running?
  4. Which version of Grafana are you using? (please also specify cloud or OSS)

hi, grant2 thank you for the prompt reply.
my data source is Prometheus
Linux, I want to scrape currently running computer
version 9

Many thanks.

Hi @nicochang111011

If you are running Grafana Cloud:

If you are running Grafana OSS: