Ambient WS2902 > ambientweather2mqtt > mqtt2prometheus > Grafana

Ok hello, I’ve tried to work this out by myself but I’m just going around in circles now. I have an Ambient WS2902 weather station living on top of a pole above the roof, getting temperature readings and stuff, over 40 C lately up here. Base station sitting in the kitchen.
Using the awnet app through Android I can have the base station send data to the server. This is picked up by a Docker container (ambientweather2mqtt) followed by another container (mqtt2prometheus) and then to Victoria Metrics using port 8428

I can connect to Prometheus in Grafana, I can get to the dashboard and select metrics etc. The thing I struggle with so far is how to get the actual readings (temperature, pressure etc.) into Grafana.

Welcome @province7056 to the forum, and thanks for a very helpful description.

I am a bit confused, so perhaps you can clarify. You stated:

I presume this is what is shown on your graph, where you have a Prometheus datasource and have selected an MQTT topic?

But then later you wrote:

Isn’t your graph showing “actual readings” of an indoor temperature sensor?

Also, if you have the data being stored in Prometheus, what is the reason why you send it to Victoria Metrics (a product which I admittedly know nothing about)?

I can select individual topics but the graph shows the same reading for every topic, to my understanding it only shows the number of received MQTT messages rather than the values of these messages. Is it a matter of converting the incoming readings? finding a different metric?

As for Victoria, I couldn’t get my Telegraf/Influxdb set up to work, this is how it ended up after following the Victoria docs for the set up.