Prometheus with grafana

Can someone pls help how to create dashboard on grafana using Prometheus data source for monitoring temperature, pressure humidity
Iam using esp32
Building an indoor air quality monitoring project


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Hi @ashishthakurt15,

Welcome to the :grafana: community support forums !!

I didn’t realize that we do have a v.nice blog article written for such scenarios where you can monitor your IoT devices.

Here is the link:

Also, I believe that if you are v.nice to Prometheus (installation + configuration), then I would suggest looking at here official website as how to install and configure it OR can Google it out as there are tons of articles to do it.


I have done this part as you shown in pic
Main problem is that I am unable to create different dashboard and add metrices it is showing no metrices

Could you please show us what you have on your dashboard?

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It is showing like this after adding data source

Pls help as I am just a beginner in this field

Waiting for your reply

Pls help

I just want to create dashboard for temp press humidity C02 using data source
Data source is working but iam unable to create different dashboard
Pls help
I will be really greatfull

Since I am just a beginner pls see if you can help me out

Hi @ashishthakurt15,

Lets go one step back.

When you added the datasource “Prometheus” into grafana via setting and configure the details. Did you click the test button at the bottom?

If yes, does the test shows any error?

Also, set the HTTP method to POST.

No it didn’t showed error it was working properly


So if clicking the test button did not show any error then it is a good sign.

The next step would be that the device, which you had configured inside grafana as Prometheus datasource. Is the port accessible?

On you machine, can you check it via simple ping command?

Also, make sure that firewall rules allow the connection to both send and receive data.

The esp 32 is connected to wifi

And working properly since the sensor connected are working fine

sorry, a bit unclear to understand your last reply.

did you now able to query the sensor data in Grafana or your last message was that it is only connected to a wifi?

Can you please tell :slight_smile:

I am saying that the esp32 module which iam using to connect with wifi is working properly

Data source is working

So I want to create a temperature dashboard from my Prometheus data source how can I create?
Pls help🙏

can you not do screen capture on that laptop you are taking fotos of? :slight_smile:

Anyways, what do you see when you go to your prometheus via

http://ip.of.your.prometheus :9090/graph

And then click on the highlighted icon in this image


Sorry but the link is not opening on my desktop

which link did you use?