Prometheus with grafana

The link is not working for my desktop

which link is not working?


Are you entering literally:


or are you entering

where is the IP address of the machine you are running Prometheus


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Hi i have not installed Prometheus in my laptop just created a metrices using send metrices option
Is it necessary to download Prometheus on my laptop to create dashboard on grafana

No you don’t need to install Prometheus on your laptop.
But in order to see if there is any data in your Prometheus, we are asking you to go to this url of course replacing with your Prometheus ip or fqdn

Pls tell me how can I find my Prometheus ip?

You dont have to use your ip if you don’t know it use fqdn

How can I find mine

Pls if you are experienced in creating dashboard for grafana using Prometheus data source can you guide me using an online meet,it is very much needed.:slight_smile:
Sorry for your time but iam just a student trying to use grafana

you got too many threads open and you are cross posting. Let’s close this one and stick to one thread?

were you talking about this

pls guide me further bro!