Heatmap showing MySQL blob data


I want to create a panel to show sound frequency spectra from a MySQL table. Each spectrum is stored as a fixed length blob of 8-bit values.

I would like to have something similar to the picture below. The time series (x-value) is stored as a row in the table, and each byte in the blob value represents the intensity (z-value) for a certain frequency (y-value).

No real data treatment needs to be done. To generate 1 column of the diagram, you need to (in pseudo-code):

for (each byte in blob string)
z-value = value_of(byte)

Does this make sense?
Can this be done with the current heatmap plugin?
If not, can anyone point me to where I should modify the heatmap plugin?

Thanks in advance,


I have similar case. Current plugin supports time range. I used plotly javascript heatmap (https://cdn.plot.ly/plotly-latest.min.js) and embedded the html code in the text panel, which resulted in poor quality among other grafana panels