Which Panel use to achieve something like this?

Hi Folks,

Let’s suppose, I have a table like this, (I can modify the structure of the table If i need it to )

Title                q_point             a_point
element_1,          4                       5
element_2,          1                       2
element_3,          2                       4
element_4,          2                       4
element_5,          1                       2

I need to generate something similar to what I’ve below (Excel) with Grafana, i’ve been looking around for days but all the plugins tried don’t work as expected.


Essentially i’m looking for something similar to an “non time series” heatmap or something close to it.

It would be great if you can point me which can be the best graph/plugin to represent something like this…possibly including colors.

I hope it’s clear,


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