Have left and right 0 on the same line

is there a way to have the Zero for MB and Packet on a same line?

the Centered zero would be not correct

Found this too

but i would just like to have the both 0 on the same level. And not centerd in the middle of the axis

Hi @vikozo,

Thanks for opening this post.

Hmm, not sure but maybe you can set that from the Axis settings on the right side e.g.

I hope this helps.

no there is no way to aline both 0 on the same level.
There is only a Centered zero, but this would only center it vertical

i would a function to have this two temperature from different source also would match.

Hi @vikozo

Thanks for the details. I think this might be a bug similar to V9 Time-Series Axes do not align 0 when using left/right Y-Axis · Issue #54343 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

Can you please post your details there which is the same info you provided here in the community forums?

This way the developers can better understand and advise you further.


done so, added the picture to github!

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