Group by field but display graph over time

Sorry I inherited this system and don’t know it well and I’m trying to improve it’s usefulness. I want to combin a table into a useful graph. In the table I run a elastic query against greylog. What I get back is all the documents counted and I can then group by a term that is also in the response. The terms are the http response code. What I want is a graph that shows the per/second or just a count for a dynamic range for each response code. The table already works and shows me for each response code who may there were but it is for the entire range.

Create graph and configure date histogram in the ES query:

This did remove the no field name error but graph is still blank.

However I know it shouldn’t be blank as the time window has results

Nevermind, it is working. I updated the query just to get it to refresh and it looks to be working!