Elastic search, graphing by duration between 2 date fields

Hi there,

this is my first post and I’m very much new to Grafana - overall I’m loving it but really not too sure how to achieve the following (up to now, I’ve only really managed to make things work on document counts and haven’t quite worked out doing anything more fancy with more groupings or aggregates).

I’m using elastic search to log search requests within my system. Each log contains a “start” and “end” datetime field. What I’d like to achieve is to plot a graph with a normal time series on the x axis (so date histogram grouped by lets say “start”) but the Y axis represents time (as duration - dateDiff of “start” "end) and a point plotted for each document in that bucket (if that’ the correct terminology)

  • so the end result is - for any given time window, show the duration of searches performed within that time window.

is that something that could be achieved?

one simplification to the problem would be to start logging the duration along with the “start” and “end” (so actually log the duration and not require the dateDiff - but that will of course leave empty for the existing data).

thanks very much.