Create Dashboard of elastic search logs

Our Elastic Search contains Gitlab logs that has a field which contains a ‘job_duration’ . So essentially how long it takes to complete a gitlab job. The unit of measurement is seconds.

I have connected elastic search to grafana and I will like to display the ‘job_duration’ field as a dashboard. I am thinking of displaying the field as a count in time chunks. So for example, I will have time range like (in seconds) 1-10, 10-20, 20-30 with the corresponding count of number of job_duration under the right time range.

How do I go about achieving this?
This is my lucene query that fetches the logs from Elastic Search

log.file.path:\/data\/gitlab\/logs\/gitlab-rails\/gitlab_job_logs.json AND fields.environment:production

The field I wish to visualize is json.job_duration