How to show start time and end time using elasticsearch timestamp in grafana?

I have an elastic search data source with log details like

{name: 'log1', '@timestamp': '2013-02-19 10:00:00'}
{name: 'log1', '@timestamp': '2013-02-19 10:02:00'}
{name: 'log1', '@timestamp': '2013-02-19 10:50:00'}
{name: 'log2', '@timestamp': '2013-02-20 12:10:00'}
{name: 'log2', '@timestamp': '2013-02-20 12:02:00'}
{name: 'log2', '@timestamp': '2013-02-20 12:55:00'}

I want to show this in grafana dashboard in table panel like

Name    Start Time                  End Time
log1    2013-02-19 10:00:00         2013-02-19 10:50:00
log2    2013-02-20 12:10:00         2013-02-20 12:55:00

How to get the start and end time of a log from timestamp?

Is there any possible way to achieve this using the Lucene query?