Time difference timestamp

I am getting data from elasticsearch in Grafana.
There’s a timestamp in every log (datetime).
I need to make a graph that shows the total time of logs that are later then 08:00
So if theres a log with timestamp 14-11-2018, 08:50:03
I need to know the time it has passed 8 a clock, so: 50.03
And then I need to know the total time for current month.
Is this possible in Grafana?

And a different question:
Is it possible to make a time based line graph with the date on the x-axis
and the time on the y-axis with the data I had described above? (1 timestamp)

Thanks alot

Almost on second page, just giving this a bump.
If this is not allowed im sorry, if my question is unclear please comment.
I really need this to get it to work :frowning: