Graphs not displaying current data


I have a couple weird things happening. A little background. I’m using IOTAWATT to store power usage in Influxdb cloud 2.0. Grafan pulls the data from the Influxdb. The database at influxdb is fine and the data is up to date when I wuery there. It has the appropriate timestamps and contains the correct data.

My dashboard is not displaying all of the data in the graph time period. When i select “Last 6 hours” It displays only the first hour or so up to cuyrrent time - 5 hours. But when I select “Last 15 minutes” or anything up to “Last 1 hour” It displays correctly with all the data populated in the graph.

Is there a data limit on the trial version?

Also as an aside quesitons

  1. How do you change the data colors?
  2. How do I create a custom URL for my dashboard so that any user can see it?