Graph panel shows different time due to timezone

The data is stored on Elasticsearch in EST timezone and whenever I try to plot a time-series data on a Graph panel (also in Bar chart panel), I find the following issue-

1. The Graph shows numbers for UTC timezone no matter even the dashboard is saved in EST

Metric has a group by Date Histogram interval as 1d. For example- If I set the dashboard to show the data for Yesterday,

  • it splits the visualization into two separate buckets- from 12am to 8pm (EST) and 8pm to 11:59pm (EST)

  • but the legend shows the number for the entire day in 12am to 11:59pm (EST)

I want to keep the dashboard in EST timezone, as this would give correct numbers for other panel in the dashboard without any mess.

Is there a work around to get the data in Graph panel in EST time?

Any help would be appreciated!

How many machines are involved in this? There could be up to three, the one with the data source, the one running Grafana and the one running the browser. What is the timezone set to in each one?
[Edit] Also, you should always store timestamps in the database (Elasticsearch in this case) in UTC. If you have not done that you will have some difficulty getting good results.

@clanlaw- There are 3 machines involved in this.

  • the one with data source - timestamp in UTC
  • the one running grafana - this is not clear whether UTC or EST
  • the one running the browser - timestamp in EST

But when I try to plot the same graph in Kibana, it buckets into (12 am to 11:59pm EST) properly.

As I said, you should store the timestamps in UTC. If you are not doing that then I don’t know a solution (though there may be one).