Graph of trace counts


I would like to have time series graph of my recent traces with tag condition error=true. Will it be possible in the future?

I see unreleased new tempo search feature and Grafana beta tempoSearch feature as well, which may be useful for this case. Unfortunately, it looks like tracing datasources are not designated for graph panels, because I have the same problem also with Jaeger datasource. Is there any option how to make time series graph with the tracing datasource?

Hi! Agree this would be really interesting. This is not on our short-term TODO list but it’s definitely a use case we want to support as we introduce a query language.

The search features being developed right now are focussed on ingester-only search (so only recently ingested traces) and only on finding traces (so we can’t aggregate traces yet to return metrics for instance). This will be released with v1.2.0, after this is released we will be focussing on full-backend search.


Adding to what @koenraad said above, while it’s not something possible with Tempo at the moment, similar features are offered via the Grafana Agent.

Here are documented the main features that it offers. It’s possible that spanmetrics can work for your use case.


Thank you for the info. I would like to use OTEL collector with Tempo. Suggested workarounds probably work, but they add additional complexitity to my tracing stack. I think I would go with AWS X-Ray for now - Grafana X-Ray plugin already offers Trace Statistics query mode for graphing.

I would be watching how this feature evolve in the Tempo :+1:.

The span metrics processor also works with the OTel Collector btw: opentelemetry-collector-contrib/processor/spanmetricsprocessor at main · open-telemetry/opentelemetry-collector-contrib · GitHub
But I agree it adds more configuration work. We are constantly working on making these things easier to use, so keep an eye out for new developments :slight_smile:

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