Tempo show all traces

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if there is any way to see all traces with Grafana Tempo data source?


Hi! That is not possible with Tempo. Could you clarify what you want to achieve, maybe we can solve your problem in another way? :slight_smile:

There are two alternatives I can already think of:

Automatic logging: if you ingest traces using the Grafana Agent, you can enable automatic logging. This will create a log line for every trace that is ingested + some useful tags.
If you run this for a while Loki will contain a logstream of ingested traces that you can easily search through.
Docs: Automatic logging | Grafana Labs

Recent search: Tempo v1.2 has recent search capabilities, so you can now search traces ingested in the last ~30 minutes. By default Tempo will return the 20 most recent traces, but you can increase this limit to return more traces. For each found trace Tempo will also return the name of the root span and the duration.
Docs: Tempo in Grafana | Grafana Labs

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Hi koenraad.

Thanks for the reply. I want to see all traces like Loki. Loki shows all logs from when I select a specific label. Currently, I don’t know where I can find the trace ID in a central spot. I will read your links and answer you if it fit with my problem or not.

Hi koenraad,

I’ve used the Grafana helm chart to deploy Grafana. Where should I place the setting tempoSearch?


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Nevermind I found the place.

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Hi koenraad,

all works fine. Thanks for your help!

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Great! Let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

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Can you share where you set tempoSearch in your helm chart? I am looking for this setting as well.

OK, I figured this out… Adding details here in case others have trouble putting it all together too…

In my Helm values file for my Grafana chart, I added:

    enable: tempoSearch tempoBackendSearch

In my Tempo chart values, I added this:

  searchEnabled: true
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