Graph is cut on left side

My graph is always cut on the left side. It always starts approx. one hour after it should start.

Executing the same query inside the database itself is also returning me datapoints further left within in the range.

Am I missing any setting?

If you select last 24 hours to display is the timestamp at the right hand side correctly showing the local time and does it show the missing data?

When selecting last 24h the left timestamp is correct (I set everything to UTC so current timestamp is around 09:47 UTC).

My dataset is just starting yesterday at 21:00 but this data shown correctly on the last 24h view.

Edit: But also when selecting last 6/12 hours the left part is missing.

Solved by Why is my graph empty when I zoom in?

I need to set the “Min time interval” for my datasource to write frequency. Afterwards it also show the left part.