1 hour lag between graph and data

Hello everyone,

I’m running on a date shift problem between the mssql data and the GRAFANA display:

  • my database is on an MSSQL cluster :


  • GRAFANA V6 on a Redhat 7 :


I put the date time hard in my query to show all the records created after 7 o’clock in the morning, and the chart starts at 8 o’clock ?

I do not get the data of the last hour!

If you look on the day, the data is displayed from 7 am to 5.30 pm:


If you look at the last 3 hours:

The data is displayed until 4.30 pm !!!

Thanks for your help… Tchicken.

I changed the settings of the dashboard by setting Timezone to UTC, this corrected my problem, but I’m wondering if it will take into account the change in winter time or summer?

I might be wrong here, but I think the date values in your database must be in UTC in order for DST (summer/winter time) to work correctly.
If the values are in UTC you can keep the setting “Local browser time” and everything should be fine.

I’m using InfluxDB with Grafana and the time values written to the DB via custom scripts are always UTC. This has worked great so far.


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