Graph bars side by side rather than above each other

Hi there,
I have to admit I’m rather new to Grafana. I’ve tried to google my problem but probably just didn’t find the right phrase to get a solution…

I have a query that returns three columns. Date, Budget, Documented.

  sum(time_budget) AS "Budget",
  sum(time_cumulated) AS "Documented"
FROM times
ORDER BY $__timeGroup(date,$__interval)

I want to display the results in a graph, type “bar”. But: The two values “Budget” and “Documented” are displayed above each other. Resulting in the fact, that sometimes one of the bars is not visible if the value is lower than the other.

I just need an option to display both bars side by side. But I don’t find any so far. But somehow I can’t imagine this is not possible.

This is what it looks like at the moment in Grafana:

And this is what I want it to look like:
(Made with Redash that I actually want to replace with Grafana)

Any help is much appreciated!

Edit: If another visualization type [that supports bars!] is more suitable I’m of course also open for that. Gauge looked promising, but I couldn’t get the order to work as I need it… That’s another topic…

Using the Bar Graph visualization, you can select Stacking >> Off

BTW, here is what Stacking >> Normal looks like:

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Thanks for your reply! My problem is, that stacking is actually turned off.
Your first graphic is the way I’d like to have it.

But for whatever reason (absolutely newbie here…) it doesn’t work/look that way.

Could it be an error in my query resulting it being displayed that way?


What version of Grafana are you using?

Do you want your x-axis to always be in Months?

I just noticed my IT department provided me with Grafana 7.5.2. Might that be the reason? Simply too old?

X should be months, yes. Basically what I did with Redash (second screenshot in my initial post).

Yes, Grafana 8 introduced some improvements regarding bar graphs. Once you have that set up, search the forums for how to group your data by month (there are several posts on that topic).

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Let my IT department update Grafana to 8.2.5 did the trick :slight_smile: More or less…

I can finally do the bars side by side, but I need transform the datetime to a string. Which results in the labels being unreadable as they are only numbers now. If I don’t do that transformation I end up with the message “Bar charts requires a string field”…

Any suggestions for a newbie?


Hi @grml

Check out this answer by @ewelch. The last step you are missing is a simple Override.

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