Graph a specific value

Hi all,
i’m trying to graph a specific value in grafana with the elasticsearch datasource.
The field “Message” is like that:
Web ResponseTime : 0.025 s

How can i graph the value 0.025 wich is always after text “Web ResponseTime” ?

thanks for your help

Some questions:

  1. What is the tools to ingest the data?
  2. What is the data look like?

Hi @fadjar340, thank you for your help.
I’m using Elasticsearch. My query show me this fileds:

And i need to graph the red one, a timer, with text around this timer. How can i do that?

I suggest to parse the message before ingest into the elasticsearch, you can use logstash or filebeat with help of ingest node pipeline.
It’s difficult to parse the part of message to bring it as integer. Perhaps the other member can help to parse it using regex…
If using logstash, you can use grok to parse the specific format for that value.