GrafanaCloud Unauthorized errors

After logging into GrafanaCloud and changing/saving dashboards, an unauthorized message starts popping up after a few minutes of use. It doesn’t give any details, so I don’t have much to go on. I can log out and in again to get things working for a few minutes, but end up with the same error popping up when I try to save. I am working with CloudWatch, but it doesn’t seem to be my AWS permissions since I can get to all the data I need while it is working. Has anyone else experienced this?


It happens on Chrome and Safari. Clearing all cookies and data lets me log in and do some more work, but eventually the Unauthorized message returns.

I’ll also sometimes get this error when logging into my GrafanaCloud instance.

I’ve been getting this too. I didn’t realize it was just chrome and safari, though. I may try Firefox on my laptop at least.