Grafana Unauthorized error

When the dashboard is auto-refreshed I get the above error on api/login/ping. Again after sometimes when the dashboard is auto-refreshed the error disappears. I am getting this error frequently. Can someone help me on this?

I saw this error occasionally when i was using sqlite as internal database. After migrating to postgres i never saw the error again so i didnt feel the need to debug.


@shiveshabhishek what Grafana version are you using? Any load balancer/reverse proxy in use?

Do you see any related messages in the Grafana server log?


Hey, I am running Grafana v4.6 behind ingress.

Ingress as in kubernetes? Have no experience with that setup, but if you can share details about your configuration/setup maybe it gets a bit clearer.

Are you running multiple containers/instances with a mysql or postgres database for configuration/session storage?