Grafana/Zabbix integration - Dashboard

Hello Everyone,
I would like to set a fixed Threshold value for each one of the “Hosts”. Is there a way to do so?

Grafana integration with Zabbix.
Grafana v7.1.5

Welcome @asanfilippo to the Grafana forum.

In Grafana 8.1 the transformation “Config from query results” was created and designed to solve the underlying use case of dynamic thresholds:

Config from query results:
Docs: Transform data | Grafana documentation
Demo: Grafana

This allows you to use a normal panel query as a source of configuration for unit and thresholds that will be applied to another queries

Hello @grant2 thank you for ypur support.
We upgraded Grafana and tried your suggestion but we found no options when configuring the transformation:

Also, we don’t need dynamic thresholds, we would like static different values for each of the 9 hosts we are monitoring.
the first host need the panel “License” with configured threshold 5000
the second one need the panel with threshold 30000
and so on

Thank you again for your help

Hi @asanfilippo
Thanks for explaining further.

The only thing I can think you can do is NOT use a variable for Host and instead create 9 separarate queries for the 9 separate hosts (where the Host name is hardcoded into each of the 9 queries, and each one has its own defined threshold).