Grafana with InfluxDB issues with choosing fields for graph

What Grafana version are you using? Grafana v5.0.1 (commit: a747ec3)
What datasource are you using? InfluxDB
What OS are you running grafana on? Raspberry PI latest strecht lite

I do have the following InfluxDB:
name: DHT22
time Client location signal value

1521676768610579062 ESP01 Speicher dew 10.69
1521676768610579062 ESP01 Speicher hix 21.02
1521676768610579062 ESP01 Speicher hum 50.2
1521676768610579062 ESP01 Speicher temp 21.5
1521678331241955460 ESP01 Speicher dew 10.47
1521678331241955460 ESP01 Speicher hix 20.79
1521678331241955460 ESP01 Speicher hum 50.1
1521678331241955460 ESP01 Speicher temp 21.29
1521679893881681336 ESP01 Speicher dew 10.01
1521679893881681336 ESP01 Speicher hix 20.29
Client Location, Signal are Tags and Value is a field.

When I wanna create a chart I added InfluxDB and went to Dashboard.
In the FROM statement I choose the Measurement “DHT22” which is a option I do get when clicking on it
When I move on to the WHERE field I can choose the Tags, they are available as an option when I click the + sign, but I don’t see the value “Value”. Inspection is telling me "Invalid interval string, expecting a number followed by one of “Mwdhmsy” What does this mean and how to fix this?

I got this issue.
This is solution:
Go to Data Source config => change “Min time interval” to great than 60s

Good luck ^^

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Thanks… Its working now…