Grafana with Google oauth

Hey Everyone!

I want to set up Google oauth (exactly like it is in the official documentation Configure Google OAuth2 Authentication | Grafana documentation ). Here is how my grafana.ini looks like:

grafana.ini: |
    check_for_updates = true
    url =
    mode = console
    data = /var/lib/grafana/
    logs = /var/log/grafana
    plugins = /var/lib/grafana/plugins
    provisioning = /etc/grafana/provisioning
    domain =
    enabled = true
    client_secret = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    scopes =
    auth_url =
    token_url =
    allow_sign_up = true
    hosted_domain =

And here is what I set up inside OAuth 2.0 Client IDs:

And then I get this error when trying to authenticate with Google Oauth in Grafana:

Maybe it is because it tries to use port 3000, however even when I explicitly use 443 or 80 it still uses 3000 port, I’m not sure that this causing a problem, but it is the only thing I can think about

Please configure root_url properly.