Grafana v7.1.3 dashboard setup no Graph in selection list

i would like to build a dashboard on data source check_mk following this yt-tutorial:

so i set up
checkmk raw 1.6.0p14
grafana-checkmk-datasource 1.1.0
grafana v7.1.3

On Configuration Data Sources the data source connection to Checkmk is successful via automation user and when i create a new Dashboard panel my two hosts show up in the host selection dropdown field.

In “Graph Setting” there are the two Settings “Service” and “Graph” and i can select a service e.g. “CPU load”, but on the next option “Graph” there are no items, no matter what service or host i use for the dashboard…

How to figure out the problem ?

Hello, I have the same issue with:

checkmk raw 1.6.0p17
grafana-checkmk-datasource 1.1.0
grafana v7.2

Same issue over here.

All my hosts can be selected, with the proper services. But Metric stays each time empty.

For the time being, the Grafana datasource for Checkmk is only compatible with the Enterprise Edition and the Managed Service Edition. This is also stated in the GitHub project of the datasource.

We (yes I actually do work at Tribe29) also state this in our official guide:

Best news last: The datasrouce will become available in the raw edition with the upcoming Checkmk 2.0:

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